Normafa and its surrounding are located on the Western outskirts of Buda. Most of the area is covered by forests.

One can get to Normafa by various means of transportation.

BKV (Public Transport of Budapest)
By Bus 21, you can get to Normafa in 20 minutes from Moszkva tér (Moszkva square), one of the main junctions in the centre of Budapest. The cog-wheel train also takes 20 minutes from its terminal in Városmajor.


Bus 21
Bus 21 back to Moszkva tér
Bus 21
Bus 21 back to Moszkva tér
Bus 90 Normafa to KFKI
Bus 90 KFKI to Normafa
Cog-wheel train
Cog-wheel train back to Városmajor

MÁV (Hungarian National Railway)
Those who enjoy old-fashioned excursions, a small train winds in the Buda Hills named the "childrens' train".

In sunny weekends, the flood of cars on the top of the hill creates quite a problem. It is wise to leave your car somewhere in the city and travel up to Normafa by public transport.

Bicycles can be transported on the cog-wheel train (at the marked places), but those who are up for challenges can go up the hill on the wheels.

On foot
For those who like mountain climbing and are young at heart, a trip from Moszkva tér up to Normafa will not be the ultimate challenge, but still will prove a good excursion. Guided tours are frequently started from Moszkva tér.